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Academics » Grading Policy 6, 7, 8 Grades

Grading Policy 6, 7, 8 Grades

GRADING 6, 7, 8

[see Policy EIA (LOCAL) and EHBC]


Numerical grades will be issued in all courses. Grade ranges are as follows:

90-100 = A                                            80-89 = B

70-79 = C                                              Below 70 = Failing

I=Incomplete (Work must be made up or “I” becomes a 50)


Six Week and Semester Grades

A standardized grading policy is adopted by the George Washington Carver and

Lancaster Elsie Robertson Middle School and is assigned to various aspects of classroom performance.  Extra credit for activities such as folders, oral/written reports, or other projects is allowed for all students within each set weight. Grade weight parameters are:


Test or Major Assignment                 40% of 6-weeksgrade         Semester Grade Weight:

Classwork                                             40% of 6-weeksgrade         75% of 1s &2nd/3rd& 4thSix Weeks Grades

Homework or Minor Assignment     20% of 6-weeksgrade         25% Semester Exam


Semester grades are awarded using an average of the first three six weeks period (75%) and the semester exam

(25%).  For purposes of average across a semester 50 is the lowest numeral that will be used.

  • Students have five school days following a grading period to complete work for removal of an incomplete due to an excused absence. Extenuating circumstances will be determined by the campus principal.
  • Numerical grades must be given for students withdrawing from the District. These grades will be calculated

based on the work completed by the student to the date of withdrawal.

  • Teachers should record a minimum of 3 grades per week.


In grades 6, 7,& 8, units of credit are awarded on a yearly basis. The only exception is those cases where the course

is a single semester course.   For purposes of assigning yearly grades, the first semester average and the second

semester average will be averaged together. Numerical averages of .5 or above will be rounded up to the next whole

number. For example, 77.5 becomes 78 and 77.4 becomes 77. For purposes of averaging, a year course will have a weight of “1” and a semester course a weight of “.5”. Courses taken in middle school for high school credit must be passed with a grade of 70 or above in order to receive credit.


Accelerated Student Learning/Tutorials

Remediation shall be provided to students who maintain less than a seventy (70) average in reading/language arts,

mathematics, science, and/or social studies for a reporting period. Instruction shall include but is not limited to the following:

  1. Tutorials
  2. Re-teaching
  3. Instructional Support


Behavior Grading: George Washington Carver and Lancaster Elsie Robertson Middle School Grade 67 and


Behavior in each class will be communicated to parent/guardians on each six-week report card. Students can receive

any of the following: “E” (Excellent), “S” (Developing at Satisfactorily Expected Levels), “N” (Needs Additional

Time and Practice), “U” (Unsatisfactory Progress)


Benchmark Tests

Benchmark tests can be counted as part of the test performance grade.


Grade Reporting/Progress Notices

At the end of the first three weeks of each grading period, the District will provide parent/guardians a notice of

progress for all courses and subjects. At least once every six weeks, the school will give written notice to

parents/guardians of a student’s grades. The report will also include the number of times the student has been absent.


Re-teach/Retest Policy

Retests are considered as part of test performance for grading purposes. The retest policy allows for a student to

retake any major test, which was failed, if the test is retaken within 3-5 school days of the date of receiving the

failing grade. Students may request the opportunity to retest as determined by the teacher in collaboration with

campus administration, unless there are extenuating circumstances if they satisfy the teacher requirements for

reteaching, including parent/guardian signature on failed test. Students may not receive a grade higher than 80on a



Grade Errors and Corrections

Errors in students’ grades will be corrected within 5days after the grading period ends. Corrections of grade errors

shall be based on teacher grade book records. Corrections shall be made only on a designated form with the

teacher’s and principal’s signature and date to verify the change. Corrections shall be distributed to the proper

offices: Registrar and Counselors